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Application Process

Your partner in providing Purchase Order Funding for SMEs

How It Works

Getting purchase order funding with us is quick and easy.

Submission of Documents

Client applies by completing the application form and submitting the necessary documents: Purchase Order CSD report Supplier’s quote

Review Process

Our team reviews the application and the client is informed whether the purchase order is accepted or rejected.

Legal Agreements

Client agrees to the deal requirements and signs all legal agreements.

Supplier Payment & Delivery

Suppliers are paid by us directly and the goods are delivered. The client's profit will then be paid into their company’s bank account.


All parties are paid out, goods are delivered and the deal is complete!

Our FAQs

Purchase order funding is a cash advance for SMEs or individuals who have been awarded a purchase order but lack the necessary funding. It is an effective and popular option for businesses needing a quick and effective way to fund their purchase orders.

You can apply by completing the application form.

Once an applicant submits, our team reviews the application and if accepted, we enter a joint venture agreement and fund the required amount. We pay the suppliers directly or source our own, at a better rate, thus increasing the profit. Once the deal is done, we split the profit. Try our Deal Calculator to get an estimate. 

1. CSD Report
2. Suppliers Quote
3. Purchase Order

Usually takes 5-7 working days. Various factors out of our control may influence this.

We fund businesses working within the private and public sector.

No, you do not need to provide us with this.

Pricing is dependent on each deal. Please use our Deal Calculator to get an estimate of the profit margin for your deal. 

No, we only fund businesses that offer finished products.

We are based in both Johannesburg and Cape Town, but we fund on a national scale. Contact Us to arrange a meeting.